Sabaragamuwa Education Management Information System

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Accuracy, Reliability, Validity, Fast and User friendly

SEMIS is a fast and reliable Education Information Management System which provides you the access to up-to-date education related information in the Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka.

HRM- Human Resources Management System

This system consists of following databases which facilitate teacher deployment, teacher cadre balancing, teacher recruitment as well as teacher vacancies forecasting on retirement rate etc. Deploying quality teachers equitably is vital to improving student learning. It is considers their appointed subject as well as 01/2016 Circular teaching subjects. Teacher necessity, teacher availability, appointed teachers; deficient teachers and excess teachers’ information can be easily generated by the school, division, zone and provincial level. The other databases of principals and SLEAS officers are also used to nourish and establish a well-organized and precise human resources management system in the province.

  • Teacher Database- Cadre, Deployment & Transfer
  • Principal Database
  • SLEAS Database
  • Non- Academic Database
  • Students Database

The Journal for Education- Spectrum

This is the research and development section of the Sabaragamuwa education. We are publishing an annual online research journal named as “Spectrum” for education to elaborate the deep knowledge of educational issues, to find the possible solutions, to encourage practising scientific methodology to solve problems, to forecast upcoming issues, to build a research culture in the province, to direct educationists for international and national journal publications, etc. It is the distance between an idea and its realisation.

Resource Management and Distribution

School physical resource necessity, availability, deficiency and excess can be easily found by this system. The school, division, zone and province can easily find the real-time data to make their decisions to provide or transfer physical resources. The routine resource distributions such as books, uniforms, furniture etc. can be easily done from this system and it is minimizing the time wastage and the anomaly of the distribution of resources. Provincial recurrent grants, projects and programs grants, as well as central government grants, are distributed using the financial distribution system according to its funding source, budget code as well as plan activity number. Not only the distribution, but also the monitoring and evaluation of the grants, funds and allocations are done by this system.

  • School Physical Resources Management
  • School Resource Distribution Systems (Books, Uniforms etc.)
  • Provincial Financial Distribution and Monitoring System
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SEMIS facilitates a fast process of school supervision

Sabaragamuwa Provincial Department of Education was able to complete 10 000 school supervision projects within the past five months with the help of SEMIS.

Online Monitoring System

School Education Quality Index is very important to schools as well as administrators. It is indicating the actual quality of the school and its education. School inspection reports also support monitoring and evaluating school functions. This Online Monitoring System is providing real-time data for decision making and fed by the education officers online. There is an online feedback system as well as school grading system to generate school profile/ school cross-section for visualisation of the quality of a school. School Mapping is one of the best ways to find the school location with the embedded basic details of the schools. We are providing an exact location by an online map with details. Considering the education development, there are so many projects and programs implemented by various institutions. Monitoring those works is essential to gain the maximum benefit to education. Therefore, we are providing an online monitoring system for projects and programs here. The Investigation Monitoring System is established to assign officers for investigation by avoiding duplications by several institutions and monitoring the progress of the investigations.

  • School Supervision (SEQI)
  • School Inspection
  • School Mapping
  • SESIP-ADB Project monitoring
  • GEM Projects Monitoring
  • Investigation Monitoring System
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E-nenapiyasa provides Next Level Learning experiance for students

Sabaragamuwa Provincial Department of Education was able to complete 10 000 school supervison projects within the past five months with the help of SEMIS.

Learning Management System

E-nenapiyasa is the Learning Management System of Sabaragamuwa education. It is the mission of distance learning of Sabaragamuwa to facilitate distance and online learning. It consists of weekly school programs, interactive lessons, interactive textbooks, exam papers, online examinations, assignments as well as video lessons. This is a publicly available LMS including the smart school practice which is bearing the distance learning practices of Sabaragamuwa schools and counselling room to ensure students’ good health. There is an E-library in this LMS and anybody can find the books by filtering longitudinally as well as horizontally.

  • enenapiyasa LMS
  • E-library

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